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V.I.B.E Cocktails

You’ll love a simple V.I.B.E and soda, with a splash of zesty lime, served chilled over ice – but for something more complex, why not try one of our curated list of cocktails below?

raspberry cocktail



50ml V.I.B.E. Rhubarb 

V.I.B.E. Rosé Sparkling Spumante 

SNOBS Watermelon & Cucumber Soda 

Long Slice of Cucumber 

3 Raspberries 

1 Strawberry 

Sprig of Fresh Mint 

What's your V.I.B.E.
"So refreshing to find a grown-up alternative to alcohol. I love the sophisticated rhubarb flavour - with soda and ice it makes the perfect alternative to a sugary soft drink."
Mrs H
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